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Thread: Hype around my program

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    Hype around my program

    I am fortunate enough to be starting a college program. Are there any suggestions to build an immense amount of hype around my program to get people excited to join?

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    Re: Hype around my program

    Are you starting a masters team at a college or an actual collegiate competitive team?

    If you're starting a masters program, how about a fun school-wide relay event made up of teams that join from different organizations/departments at the school? You could do a train relay, where one swimmer does the first 25, then the next holds onto their feet for the next 25, then add another swimmer and so on. Instead of a three-legged race, do a three-armed race where a team of two basically each do a right or left single-arm drill with their adjacent arms tied together. You can do a "dragon boat race" where each team uses an inflatable boat (provided) and add a member of the team to the boat each 25. Wet T-shirt relay. Cannonball contest. Synchronized swimming contest. A progressive relay where the first leg does a 25, then the next leg does a 50, then a 75, then a 100 to finish. Of course you can have other more traditional races, as well, but these are ways to get people involved that aren't necessarily experienced swimmers.

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