LOTS of new times came in over the last week, and I'm very pleased with how many swimmers actually completed STAGE TWO of the POSTAL SWIMTATHLON LEAGUE.

Of our 42 members (28 women and 14 men), 35 completed all five events (23 women and 12 men). Here are some of the highlights:

* 10 new STAGE AGE GROUP RECORDS were set, and KATHLEEN PELCZYNSKI of North Carolina Masters broke the overall Women's Stage Two Record with a cumulative time of 7:15.07. EXCELLENT!

* In addition to her, age group stage records were established by Sandi Y. (40-44), Bethany L. (45-49), Rebecca F. (50-54), Merrie W. (55-59), Pamela O. (60-64), Suzette H. (70-74), Charlotte S. (95-99), Robbert V-A. (40-44), Tim W. (50-54), and Peter B. (60-64).

* Tim Waud and Bruce McQueen continue to lead their respective teams in Oregon City and Alaska. There's a nice competition going on between them to see who can get the most swimmers to complete all FIFTEEN Swimtathlon events.

Click here to see the STAGE TWO RESULTS. Included in the report are the overall results, by gender, and by age group.

I am experimenting with an AGE GRADING factor which accounts for times regardless of age...it factors in the aging process! Those results are included and kind of interesting.

I was very impressed by most of the improvement from 2017 over 2016. Almost everyone got faster (NOT ME!). My favorite is still 95-year-old Charlotte in Helena, MT. She was faster this year than last, and holds the record in two age groups! My least favorite is my wife, Dana, who's not been swimming much.

The STAGE AWARDS should go out early this week, and the Award Certificates will go out under via e-mail.

We're into the final stretch of the Swimtathlon League with the LONG DISTANCE work ahead (stroke 200s and the 400IM). While I'm hoping to just swim them, Rebecca Friedlander, and Anicia Criscione are hoping to kick my butt in their specialties.

I hope everyone's having a great summer! I'm happy to be home on Flathead Lake where the water's always cool.


PS> Don't forget to check out the free SWIM GUIDE phone app! Lots of great information about local open water swimming beaches.