Age Group Coach

Freetown-Lakeville Warriors Swimming (FLWS) is a year round USA Swimming competitive swim team. We have been making some improvements to our team and we are looking to rebuild the coaching staff as well. We want to create a positive, competitive and healthy pool deck. We are looking for coaches that meet that standard; experienced, hardworking and positive assets to our growing team.

Your expectations are to create appropriate workouts for the swimmer’s that motivates them and continues to encourage the importance of technique and drive. You will be expected to coach 2-5 practices a week as well as 1-2 meets a month. We would like applicants that have prior coaching experience and have been competitive swimmers themselves.

Please contact Tracy Owen with your resume or any questions.

Freetown-Lakeville Warriors Swimming

George R. Austin Intermediate School
112 Howland Road
Lakeville, MA 02347

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