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Thread: Anyone ever trained in a swim spa?

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    Anyone ever trained in a swim spa?

    This is going to be a long question, so bear with me.

    Long time lurker, finally signed up the other day and thought id use my new found powers to get a little advice from you guys about my situation.

    My nearest pool is over an hours drive away, I live in the middle of nowhere with no open water swimming opportunities anywhere near by. However, i would love to be able to train on a daily basis.

    I donít have the room for a swimmable sized pool in my home, but Iíve figured out I do have enough room for a swim spa. As expected while browsing around the manufacturer's websites I have been told that swim spas are the best thing ever since the invention of water and that they feel just like swimming, they are the best way to train, blah blah blah. They would say that though wouldnít theyÖ

    So I am turning to you guys for guidance. I imagine at least some of you have tried a swim spa at one point or another. I have a few individual questions that I would appreciate some feedback on.

    1. My first question is how much do swim spas cost? I donít know why but itís just seemingly impossible for any of these manufacturers to give a damn price list. I'm guessing itís so they can negotiate down from a ridiculous starting price to maximize their profit (but I donít know)? I have heard cost estimates ranging from $10,000 USD through to $50,000 (with everything in between). Iíd be looking to get one of the cheapest swim spas available that does the job properly.

    2. How much does it cost to run a swim spa? These things look like they use a huge amount of electricity when in use, which canít be good for my electricity bill. Are swim spas more expensive to run than a hot tub? If so, how much more expensive?

    3. What does it feel like to swim in a swim spa? Is it a similar sensation to swimming naturally? I canít imagine that itís exactly the same, but is it even comparable to normal pool swimming? Iíve heard that the jets can be quite close to the swimmers head in most models and that this ruins the experience making it feel like you are swimming in a ďswimming machineĒ instead of being in a pool.

    4. How reliable are swim spas? I donít want to end up paying a bunch of money all the time to get this thing fixed every year. Can they withstand cold temperatures outside in the winter for prolonged periods?

    5. Finally, I guess my final question is do you have any suggestions for brands I should be looking at? All the manufacturer's websites look glossy and beautiful, they all claim to be the best. Which brands should I be looking at for a quality product that is going to give the most authentic (and reliable) experience?

    TLDR: No room for pool, possibly want a swim spa.
    ∑ How much do swim spas cost?
    ∑ How much do they cost to run?
    ∑ Does it feel natural while swimming?
    ∑ Are they reliable?
    ∑ Have any brand recommendations?

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    Re: Anyone ever trained in a swim spa?

    Yes, I have used an Endless Pool. Have coached others who had them and used them myself while coaching.

    Most famous athlete/triathlete that I know that uses one is Lionel Sanders (Canadian). I think it is his home pool. He seems to like his a lot.

    Here is the little I know. Look up Endless Pools for their current prices. They have been in the business for quite some time and have a good product in several sizes.

    Besides the cost of the spa you will need space and de-humidifiers. That will be an expense to keep in mind. Endless Pools may have some numbers to help you estimate utility costs.

    You can buy a mirror for the bottom which allows you to see your swim stroke.

    It is like a treadmill, except that you have to stop swimming for moments to adjust speed.

    It does reward better streamline and form which is a plus. You can actually feel yourself being more effecient at the same pace by improving a technique.

    If I could afford one, I would get one. However they are out of my price range. Good luck and let us know if you get one.

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    Re: Anyone ever trained in a swim spa?

    A few things to consider are:

    - I think you should strongly consider getting one because of your location, and the lack of access to a pool near you. Personally, I don't think I'd prefer swimming in an Endless Pool sort of thing. I just don't like doing anything 'stationary'...running/treadmill, cycling/stationary bike, or swimming...which I've done stationary using a tether. BUT, if that were my ONLY choice...which it seems is the only one for you...then I'd do it.

    - Regarding the cost. In order for you to swim in either a pool or Endless way or another you're going to be spending the money. If it isn't the cost of membership, and always driving long distances to the closest pool, then it would be the cost of obtaining and operation a pool, or Endless Pool, at your residence.

    - Like mentioned in the previous post, you'll need dehumidifiers so that the rest of your house doesn't start getting mold in it due to the humidity (part of the operating cost). But...and I know it'd add greatly to the expense...I'd look into having a very small addition put on the house just for the Endless Pool so that you can close it off from the rest of your living space (and keep the humidity out). I'd do something like a greenhouse (with a concrete foundation). But something that would be easy to heat. That would be neat to open up for swimming in the summertime.

    - However, I wouldn't think an addition of this nature would increase the value of your home very much. So if you did go this route, make it so that if you ever sell/move that you can take the Endless Pool with you, and the added space is constructed in a way that is useful to future owners.



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