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Thread: Why are there very few Masters Swimmers under 40?

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    Re: Why are there very few Masters Swimmers under 40?

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    ...What's a most fun in swimming? Kids summer league dual tri and quad meets on a beautiful summer evening. I'd love to head to my local pool on a weekend evening or afternoon have something like a bar setup for spectators, a crowded deck and have the 2,3,4 or 5 (whatever) local masters clubs square off for team points and light bragging rights. ...Sailing has weeknight races. Towns have summer night 5k race series. Cities have incredibly popular kickball, soccer, and softball leagues after work. Why not swimming?...
    A "summer league feel" dual meet for Masters could be very fun. Most clubs are quite small so there would have to be an innovative scoring system to compare the quality of swims across ages and possibly genders. Maybe points are earned for getting closest to the NR in your age group on a percentage basis (power points kind of idea). Maybe the losing squad brings the pizza and beverages to the next meet.

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    Re: Why are there very few Masters Swimmers under 40?

    There are 10 YMCA pools within an hour of me and each one has masters team practices, but there is no coordination between them. At mine, there are 3 sessions, 5:30 AM, Noon, and 7:00 PM with maybe 8-10 in each session, but I only go at noon and don't know any of the swimmers in the other 2 sessions. This could mean a couple hundred masters swimmers in the district, just a guess. My impression is that very few are USMS members. I asked a neighbor who has been a long time swimmer and he said while swim competition used to be big in this area, it has fallen off dramatically in recent years. That is not unique. As a long time runner I have noted, from actual results listings, that race entries have fallen off a bit there too, but not as much.

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