CONGRATULATIONS to the 24 (out of 42) amazing athletes to complete STAGE THREE of the POSTAL SWIMTATHLON LEAGUE.

* 10 new STAGE AGE GROUP RECORDS were set, and KATHLEEN PELCZYNSKI of North Carolina Masters broke the overall Women's Stage Three Record with a cumulative time of 16:01.21. EXCELLENT!

* The women were especially fast as they took the TOP THREE overall spots before the first man. AWESOME!

* In addition to Kathleen, age group stage records were established by Anicia C. (40-44), Bethany L. (45-49), Rebecca F. (50-54), Merrie W. (55-59), Pamela O. (60-64), Suzette H. (70-74), Eric H. (40-44), Tim W. (50-54), and Bruce M. (60-64). WAY TO GO!

Click here to see the STAGE THREE RESULTS. Included in the report are the overall results, by gender, and by age group.

You'll also see my experiment with an AGE GRADING factor which accounts for times regardless of factors in the aging process! Those results are included and kind of interesting.

The year-to-year improvements still surprise me. Many are getting faster with age. Not me, unfortunately, as I didn't even swim 400IM yet.

The STAGE AWARDS will go out early next week. This quarter's award has some significance to my recent SwimTrek tour in Arizona.

The Award Certificates went out under separate e-mail earlier today.

In STAGE FOUR, swimmers may swim ANY of the previous 15 events for time improvements. Or, if they are like me, they can fill in the gaps (400IM) to stay in the running for the YEAR-END standings. I'M GOING TO MAKE A COMEBACK!

Thanks for supporting my SWIM GUIDE project. In 2017, FLOW Swimmers activities have contributed over $1,000 to keeping Flathead Lake clean.