Head Coach Description
San Francisco Tsunami Masters swim team is a gay, lesbian, and straight-friendly masters-level swim club comprised of adults of all ages. The team caters to swimmers of all levels, from highly-competitive athletes to those seeking a social, fitness-oriented swimming program. Through stroke clinics and individualized attention from our coaches, each swimmer can achieve his or her personal objectives with the team. Tsunami is a member of United States Masters Swimming (USMS), Pacific Masters Swimming (PMS), and International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA).

The Position
The Head Coach position is a part-time, independent contractor position. The time is variable depending on meet schedules, but will require, on average, 10 hours per month including roughly 6 hours of on-deck coaching. The Head Coach reports to and takes direction from the teamís Board of Directors. In conjunction with the Board, the Head Coach will develop and implement a vision for the team based on the needs of, and communications with, the Board of Directors, the members of the coaching staff, and the teamís approximately 150 swimmers.

The Responsibilities

  • Regularly coach workout as a member of the teamís standing coaching rotation.
  • Enhance swimmer skills by:
    • Developing a comprehensive training plan for all coaches and swimmers
    • Communicating weekly via email with coaches and swimmers about the training plan, including overall objectives and how a specific workout or focus fits in with the training plan
    • Recognizing that members join for variety of reasons, and tailoring the training plan accordingly
    • Designing stroke and skill clinics that are differentiated for swimmers of varied ability

  • Coordinate and develop the coaching staff by:
    • Communicating training goals and objectives to all coaches
    • Scheduling and leading semi-annual coaches meetings
    • Articulating coaching duties and standards in conjunction with the Board of Directors
    • Observing coaches on deck and providing regular feedback
    • Staying current with and communicating changes in conditioning and stroke techniques
    • Identifying and mentoring future coaches
    • Evaluating the other coaches annually in partnership with the Board of Directors
    • Coordinating the coaching schedule for all workouts

  • Be an active member of the Tsunami community in and out of the pool by:
    • Attending workouts, social events, fundraisers and meets, as schedule permits
    • Collaborating with the Board of Directors to determine focus meets for the year
    • Providing encouragement to swimmers to attend IGLA, Gay Games, and other focus meets
    • Coaching at and competing in IGLA, Gay Games, and other focus meets, as schedule permits, including scheduling and coaching relays

  • Cultivate professional relationships with internal and external constituencies by:
    • Providing regular coaching updates to the Board of Directors, and attending board meetings, as requested
    • Maintaining good rapport and communication with pool staff

The Qualifications

  • Enthusiasm, an open mind, and the ability to be a leader/role model for other coaches and swimmers
  • In-depth knowledge of swimming stroke techniques, starts, turns
  • Strong communication skills and teaching ability
  • Experience working with swimmers at various levels of ability
  • The availability to work evenings and weekends


  • Personal experience swimming on an age-group club, high school, college team, and/or a USMS team
  • Experience supervising and directing other coaches
  • Knowledge of USMS rules, events, and policies
  • A commitment to swimming with Tsunami at major meets

Position open until filled. To apply, submit cover letter and resume to: President@SFTsunami.org