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Thread: How to tell if swim brief is too small?

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    How to tell if swim brief is too small?

    So today I decided to take a leap and purchase my first swim brief after years of jammers. I typically wear a 30-32 jammer when swimming, and accidentally purchased a size 28 brief. Will this be too small? My Jammers are kind of on the looser side, sometimes fall down a little on flip turns. But I always thought it was because they were a year old and just stretched a little bit, but maybe not. How can I tell if the briefs are too small? And should I shave my legs when wearing it or could I pass without doing so? Any other tips for them would be nice too. Thanks

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    Re: How to tell if swim brief is too small?

    It either fits or doesn't

    If you plan on racing in the brief and you want to perform optimally, then shave

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    Re: How to tell if swim brief is too small?

    To be totally blunt, it's too small if your crack hangs out the back or your sack doesn't fit in the front.

    If a 30-32 jammer falls down on flip turn, besides the fact that you should probably tie it tighter, a 28 brief probably fits fine.
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    Re: How to tell if swim brief is too small?

    I wear swim briefs every time I swim since I was a little kid to today (23 year old). As a mesomorph body-type, I wear size 32 swim briefs. For me, size 30 or below is too small. It will feel too tight and uncomfortable. Also depends on the brand of swim briefs you buy from too. I usually buy Hardcore Swim, Turbo (I also play water polo, but these are really nice), and Speedo brands. If it's TYR or Speedo, a smaller size may be okay since those briefs are more expandable than other brands. You just have to try the one you accidentally ordered and see.

    I usually don't shave until I get closer to swim meets. I do shave my legs every 5-6 weeks or so. For swim meets, I recommend shaving your legs.

    I have a pretty cool collection of awesome design swim briefs I wear including Dolfin gold metallics ones that my girlfriend gave me as a fun gift. I have a personality at the pool. Makes swimming more fun for me! Lol. If it's your first time wearing swim briefs, be confident wearing them and have fun with it!

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