Greetings. I'm a 67-year old male, who is currently carrying around about 90 lbs of blubber (~290 total, 6' tall) that needs to go away!! As recently as 4 years ago, I was swimming about 1600 yds a day, 4-5 days a week. But, a tear in my right meniscus (knee) around 3 years ago placed me on the "Disabled List". In many ways, I'm still there as the knee has not improved back to 100% yet, and I'm told it probably won't until it's replaced (sometime in the next 3-5 years, according to my ortho doc). I'm actually OK on flat land, but stairs and slopes are still quite painful. I'd say my knee is at about 75% overall right now .... about 95% on the flat and 25% on slopes/stairs right now.

I have access to a great pool on a nearby military installation and plan to start back swimming as a key part of my weight reduction plan. Of course, I'm also making some substantial changes in diet, etc., as well to help with the weight loss. My primary care doc has cleared me for exercise as I, thankfully, have no signs of any serious heart/lung problems ... yet!!

I'd like some suggestions to work my way back to my "mile-a-day" goal. Unfortunately, I need to "self-coach" as the facility only has lifeguards available on deck.

I'm thinking of something like this:

Month 1

Swim M-W-F, starting at around 800 yds total. Mostly free and some drills/flutter kick. Prolly no breaststroke because I'm guessing a frog kick and my knee will not work well together!!

Month 2

Same M-W-F but upping totals to 1200 yds or so.

Month 3 and beyond

Start out M-W-F up to 1600 yds. Slowly add in a 4th day ... maybe M,T and Th,F


Thanks in advance.