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Thread: Low Carb Fruit

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    Low Carb Fruit

    Getting enough fruits and vegetables each day can be a challenge for some, but we all know itís important.
    For those following a low carb eating plan, here are a few fruits that are lower in carbs if you miss fruit like I do...

    • Plum - 1

    30g Calories/0.2g Fat/0.9g Fiber/7.5g Carbs/6.6g Net Carbs/0.5g Protein

    • Raspberries - 1 cup

    65g Calories/0.5g Fat/8g Fiber/15g Carbs/7g Net Carbs/1.5g Protein

    • Clementine - 1

    35g Calories/0.1g Fat/1.3g Fiber/9g Carbs/7.7g Net Carbs/0.6g Protein

    • Kiwi - 1

    42g Calories/0.4g Fat/2.1g Fiber/10g Carbs/7.9g Net Carbs/0.8g Protein

    • Orange - 1 sm

    45g Calories/0.1g Fat/2.3g Fiber/11g Carbs/8.7g Net Carbs/0.9g Protein

    • Strawberries - 1 cup

    53g Calories/0.5g Fat/3.3g Fiber/12g Carbs/8.7g Net Carbs/1g Protein

    • Grapefruit - 1/2 fruit

    52g Calories/0.2g Fat/2g Fiber/13g Carbs/11g Net Carbs/0.9g Protein

    • Peach - 1

    59g Calories/0.4g Fat/2.3g Fiber/14g Carbs/11.7g Net Carbs/1.4g Protein

    • Orange - 1 med

    62g Calories/0.16g Fat/3.1g Fiber/15.39g Carbs/12.29g Net Carbs/1.23g Protein

    • Apricots - 1 cup sliced

    79g Calories/0.6g Fat/3.3g Fiber/18g Carbs/14.7g Net Carbs/2.3g Protein

    • Grapes, Red Seedless - 32 grapes

    62g Calories/0.3g Fat/0.8g Fiber/15.8g Carbs/15g Net Carbs/0.6g Protein

    • Grapes, Green Seedless - 32 grapes

    87g Calories/0.2g Fat/1.1g Fiber/23g Carbs/21.9g Net Carbs/0.9g Protein

    • Grapes - 32 grapes

    62g Calories/0.3g Fat/0.8g Fiber/16g Carbs/15.2g Net Carbs/0.6g Protein

    • Apples, Red Delicious

    72g Calories/0.23g Fat/3.3g Fiber/19.06g Carbs/15.76g Net Carbs/0.36g Protein

    • Blueberries - 1 cup

    85g Calories/0.5g Fat/3.6g Fiber/21g Carbs/17.4g Net Carbs/1.1g Protein

    • Pineapple -1 cup

    82g Calories/0.2g Fat/2.2g Fiber/19.6g Carbs/17.4g Net Carbs/0.8g Protein

    • Pear - 1 med

    102g Calories/0.2g Fat/6g Fiber/27g Carbs/21g Net Carbs/0.6g Protein

    • Banana - 1 med

    105g Calories/0.4g Fat/3.1g Fiber/27g Carbs/23.9g Net Carbs/1.3g Protein

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    Re: Low Carb Fruit

    Where did you obtain this information from? I've been on a keto diet for the last 3 years and lost 67 pounds in the first year. I always read about berries having the least amount of carbs of all fruits and is widely known in the ketogenic community as the lowest carb fruit to eat.

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    Re: Low Carb Fruit

    I've been on keto diet too! And thanks god I was allowed to eat fruits, as I am crazy about them. As for the resource, check out here. There is much more info about it. And I agree that berries having the least amount of carbs

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