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Thread: Physical therapy/massage for swimmers

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    Physical therapy/massage for swimmers

    Recently I had tendinitis near my shoulder and my coach had suggested I go to a physical therapist. There, they gave me some exercises and stretches that seemed to help. But one thing they also did was to give me a massage on my upper trap (??). Apparently I'm super tight there from all the swimming. The massage itself was extremely painful, but I felt fantastic right after. My insurance is going to stop supporting my PT session soon since I am feeling just fine now, but I'm wondering if any of you regularly go to a PT regardless of whether or not you are in pain. How often do you go? I'm guessing a regular massage therapist would not target those specific areas for swimmers, are PTs the only ones that do those kinds of massages? Is it a strange to go to PT just for a massage?

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    Re: Physical therapy/massage for swimmers

    Hey there. I asked around with the IM triathletes and found a great massage therapist who was once a PT back in Argentina. You may be able to find someone who the IM'ers (or other serious athletes like) who might be able to help. My lady is fantastic and really understands the body. She gets into some spaces that I don't feel like they are sore, but it alleviates pain in other places upstream from that muscle/joint.
    Kari Kennedy

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    Re: Physical therapy/massage for swimmers

    A PT can do soft tissue manipulation, but so can a sports massage therapist who isn't licensed to do other PT things like (say) ultrasound. I get a massage every few weeks. My practitioner works with a lot of overhead athletes (baseball players, rock climbers, swimmers). For $60 per session (30-40 minutes) she keeps my elbows, shoulders, and neck working properly. Maybe your PT can suggest someone.

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