We're off to a GREAT START in Stage One of the 2018 Virtual Swimtathlon League!

Congratulations to the eight women and six men who have already completed all five stage events...some have even turned in time improvements. I'm happy to report that my wife, Dana, is back in the pool and swimming well. Click here to see the CURRENT LEAGUE STANDINGS.

IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP!!! In our 3rd Season, this is a fun, year-long event that takes the Check-Off Challenge to the next level. We're up to 34 athletes, literally from around the world. Here's the link to the CLUB ASSISTANT registration page, and here are a few things that make this interesting:

  • Meet or practice times accepted
  • Blocks or in-water starts accounted for
  • Any course (SCY, SCM, or LCM) allowed
  • Age-Graded Results calculated
  • Disability Accommodation (if there's a particular stroke you cannot swim)
  • $10 from each entry is split between two worthy causes: The Lake Guide and USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation

We're having fun with it! Click here to visit our ATHLETE BIO PAGE (with pictures) and we also have a Facebook group.

ALASKA MASTERS is really representing with SIX athletes. What I find most interesting is how spread out they are with three from Wrangell, two from Soldotna, and one from Valdez. I've had to GOOGLE MAP everyone to learn where they are.

Personally, I really like the time trial aspect of this event...it keeps me "race ready."

Happy laps!