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Thread: Medical/Safety question

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    Medical/Safety question

    Hey all! I hope this is not a dumb question. Does anyone here swim open water (ocean) while being on blood thinners (Coumadin, Prodaxa, or Lovenox)? Just curious on your thoughts on safety in an environment you really can't control.
    Having an internal debate on staying with open water and just risk it or returning to competing in a pool environment. Tough debate and would like some feedback. And, yes, I have had some conversations regarding this with my doctors.

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    Re: Medical/Safety question

    Some things to consider: 1. Does your MD feel that your cardiac status is stable for exercise in an non monitored environment? Swimming runs the risk of drowning should you have cardiac event, but then again bicycling on the roads, hiking nature trails etc all have risks. 2. Are you on bleeding precautions and what hazards does your swim environment hold? Some open water environments would hold more dangers than others: How far away is help? Are you close to shore or accompanied by kayaks? What types of hazard could you cut yourself on? Is the water clear enough to see such hazards? What surfaces do you need to cross barefoot to access the water?

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