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Thread: Looking for towel miniskirt

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    Looking for towel miniskirt

    At the last Masters meet I attended there was a swimmer wearing a super cute towel miniskirt on-deck. Totally functional and practicel for hanging out in between events. Has anyone seen this? Know where to buy one?

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    Re: Looking for towel miniskirt

    Did s/he make it? All you'd need would be some Velcro or a couple of snaps and a towel, no?

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    Re: Looking for towel miniskirt

    Next time I see a swimmer with a "mini skirt" on --- I will tried ti ask without getting a harassment claim lodged against me !!!

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    Re: Looking for towel miniskirt

    Try searching for “terrycloth” skirt or miniskirt and you’ll see some good options online. Sounds like a fun thing to wear over your suit at a swim meet! Let us know what you find.

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