What can I do?

I had a meniscus repair of my knee last week. I have severe bilateral shoulder tendinitis that started last summer. A few months ago my sports med and ortho doctors told me I wasn't allowed to do ANYTHING except for three shoulder stretches. I haven't started with PT yet (I'll be asking for orders for that again when I see the doctor on the 23rd), and I won't get in the pool before then due to my surgery wounds.

BUT...I'm still dreaming of getting back into the pool. This has been very hard for me. My shoulders are much better, but I know that they are not healed yet. I will go with doctor's orders, but I guess I'm just looking for hope in hearing other people's stories and what types of things they were able to do in the pool until I can get clearance - something for me to look forward to.

I swim at pools that are less than 5 feet deep, as well as 12 feet. Is deep-water running something I should be thinking about? Kick sets? Will fins and a swim snorkel be an option?