I have entered the Swim Around Lido Key event for April 14th. It is about a 7mile swim. The longest Iíve done previous is 3 miles, and thatís sorta like a long workout - took me 74 minutes. Seven miles is a bit longer and Iím wishing for some friendly advice.

Would anyone like to help me in my training for this? Iím wondering about the last week, or ďtaper weekĒ.

I donít think I should cut back to much less than 5-6000/day, but maybe Iím wrong here. Iím getting in 8-10,000 on Saturdays now, and have to limit my weekday swims to 5-6000 as it is. I just figure I want to be rested, but donít want to over do the resting.

Thanks in advance!