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Thread: Calendar of Events on New Website

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    Calendar of Events on New Website

    Has anyone figured out how to view the Calendar of Events as it appeared on the old Website? For me at least, I prefer to see all of the pool meets listed by dates, not those triaged by what is closest to me. Am I the only one who likes to see all meets?

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    Re: Calendar of Events on New Website

    A lot of the changes to the website are not to my liking. Hope other feedback to the national office about the changes.

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    Re: Calendar of Events on New Website

    I liked having the option of seeing them all at once too because it's good to know if I'm traveling or visiting family cross-country, what meets could be available outside of my usual local area. I'm still exploring the new site. I think any time a website does an overhaul makeover it's overwhelming, but at least the front page of the site looks a lot sleeker and might help attract new members.

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    Re: Calendar of Events on New Website

    I don't think the zipcode filter is working.... There seems to be no option to set the radius of the field around the zip.

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