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Thread: swimming and waterpolo

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    swimming and waterpolo

    Hi everyone

    I've started practicing waterpolo in september. I would like to improve cardio and endurance because I got tired too easily. I need to be able to stay in the pool for at least 10 minutes in a row (even more) doing sudden turns, accelerations etc

    Do you have any ideas about some training I could do in order to improve cardio and endurance? Let's say twice a week

    Thanks a lot (I hope my English is good enough)


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    Re: swimming and waterpolo

    Daniel18 -

    Had you ever been a swimmer before trying water polo?

    Water polo is indeed very demanding, and requires great eggbeater kick for vertical body lift, and quick transitions to/from horizontal to vertical body position and acceleration down the pool, either in a prone position or on your back.

    Certainly, standard swim practices are a help, but specialized skills are also needed for "heads up" swimming with the ball, passing, and shooting.

    Have you looked into the USA Water Polo Association?

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