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Thread: Water Quality?

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    Water Quality?

    Does anyone here start having pool water quality concerns in the Summer months when the Summer camp kids start to invade the pools (Please understand, I am not concerned about the kids swimming, as that is great! But every Summer I deal with some pretty poor water quality). How do you handle it with pool managers? Our local Y has a really bad algae, loose hair, and cloudiness problem with visible particulate clumps. I am also suspecting a lack of chlorination.

    Suggestions on how to address?

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    Re: Water Quality?

    This is why "shower before entering the pool" rules exist. I'd just ask management to make sure whoever is running summer camp is at least trying to enforce that.
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    Re: Water Quality?

    Never. In over 50 years, I have never seen these conditions. If hair and dirt particles are left behind, it's not due to the chemicals, but the filtering, or lack thereof.

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    Re: Water Quality?

    You’ve listed a number of distinct issues each with a different solution.

    Really bad algae – If this is the case the pool should be closed until the algae problem is managed. If there is only some algae on the sides then they just need to clean/vacuum regularly and add algaecide periodically.

    Loose hair – Unless they require everyone to wear bathing caps you need to deal with this.

    Cloudiness problem – If you can’t see the bottom of the pool, then the pool should be closed until the cloudiness is resolved. If it’s not that bad then you can ask the pool manager if they run the pumps 24 hours a day and how often they backwash.

    Suspecting a lack of chlorination. – You can buy inexpensive pool test strips and test the water yourself. If the chemicals are way out of whack then don’t swim and you can bring it to the attention of the pool manager.
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