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Thread: River Swimming

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    River Swimming

    Hey folks, does anyone open water swim in rivers?
    I live by the New River in WV. It's a great river for swimming, fishing, and whitewater- I used to guide rafts in the Rapids and got used to swimming with a PFD. Which is a good idea as the river is fairly dangerous- undertow, sharp drop offs, foot entrapment rocks etc. People drown in it every year. Anyway I just want your input about wearing a life jacket while swimming considering the above info.
    I've been doing shore to shore swims, but will probably do downriver stuff soon. In a PFD for safety but I'm curious about your opinions. TIA.

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    Re: River Swimming

    If you're talking about actually swimming, and not just enjoying a ride downriver without a raft or kayak, I can't imagine swimming with a PFD and I'm a kayaker, so I've done it in rescue practice. Maybe with a waist belt style PFD that is activated when needed by pulling a C02 cartridge? Or find an eddy and use a land tether.

    I'm not sure a traditional swim buoy would be safe in moving water.

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    Re: River Swimming

    Wekiwa Springs in Florida is the best and the most beautiful place I have ever swum in!

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