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Thread: 2018-2019 Competitive Workouts (Roswell & Alpharetta, GA)

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    2018-2019 Competitive Workouts (Roswell & Alpharetta, GA)

    These practices are written for the competitive USMS swimmers that meet at the Swim Atlanta pool in Roswell at noon.

    If you feel you're not in the shape that you once were, come anyway. If you can't make every practice, that's fine. If you have to come late or get out early, that's fine. If you don't want to compete, then you are in the majority because most don't. If you can make every entire practice and you do want to compete, that's great too.

    Not all of the swimmers do the intervals listed below. They scale the intervals or repeats as needed.

    Come join us! Contact or (770) 992-7946 or send me a private message.

    Also, follow me on Instagram at

    Some examples of common acronyms that will be used:

    • KDS: Kick drill swim
    • 300 IM KDS: 4 times through in IM order (25 kick, 25 drill, 25 swim)
    • 1000 SKIPS: 200 Swim, 200 Kick, 200 IM, 200 Pull, 200 Swim
    • 1000 SKIDS: 200 Swim, 200 Kick, 200 IM, 200 Drill, 200 Swim
    • IMO by round: The stroke for first round of a set should be fly, second round should be back, etc
    • RIM or RIMO: Reverse IM or Reverse IM order
    • FRIM: IM except replace the fly with free
    • UW: underwater
    • BC4: Breathe every 4
    • CH: Choice
    • Str: Stroke. Usually not freestyle.
    • V-Sprint: #1 as fast/easy, #2 as easy/fast, #3 as easy, #4 as fast
    • [Square brackets] - These are notes on my own performance. For example, [:28] means I went :28

    Each post consists of the practices for an entire week.

    Note that extra spacing between portions of the practice indicates that we took a break. For example, the following would indicate taking an unspecified amount of rest after the first 5 100's on 1:20 before moving on to the next 5 100's on 1:15.
    5x100 1:20

    5x100 1:15

    Whereas, the lack of extra spacing in the following example means that we swam everything straight through with no break after the first 5 100's.
    5x100 1:20
    5x100 1:15

    But sometimes I might designate rest between portions as follows:
    5x100 1:20
    :60 rest
    5x100 1:15

    The exception is warmup. The warmup set almost always consists of 1000 yards or meters but I group all of the parts of the warmup together even though we might (or might not) take unspecified rest between each portion. For example:
    400 Swim
    300 IM KDS
    200 Pull
    100 Kick

    If you reference my performances (designated by square brackets), note that I am a relatively slow kicker and that my best races are 50, 100, & 200 Freestyle and 50 & 100 Fly.

    The plan for 2018-2019 is...

    • Aug-December: Training oriented toward an early December "shave & taper" meet
    • December-March: Training oriented toward late March "shave & taper" meet.
    • March-July: Training oriented toward an end-of-summer "shave & taper" meet.

    Only swim practices are specified here: any supplementary strength & conditioning activities will not be included in this thread.
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