First off a lot of great swims by many people. I received my copy of Swimmer Magazine and noted the nice write-up for Dan Kirkland who turned in another outstanding performance. I was curious as Dan has masters times only going back to 2009.
I looked up some of his college times as was truly amazed(assuming it's the same Dan Kirkland that swam for the University of Idaho back in the late 60's). In the 1968 yearbook Dan set two school records for the 1650 and 1000 yard races. His 1650 time was 19:08.7 which was decent for the time. In 2015, at age 66 Dan swam the 1650 at 19:21.8. virtually unchanged from his college times of nearly 50 years earlier! I would have said before seeing the times that this would be an impossible achievement. However Dan has proved it can be done. Great Job.