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Thread: 2019 Spring Nationals Information

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    Re: 2019 Spring Nationals Information

    Quote Originally Posted by jim clemmons View Post
    So...? How'd everything workout?
    I swam it... went out in 1:01 and then :34, :35.... Really got to figure out the limits of my USRPT training.

    My takeaway point: if you do not train for the 200 FR, the 200 FR will not just show up on race day with amazing times.

    That said, I did remember your advice and went for it. I think it was pretty pivotal to just go for it, put down my pride and worry and see where I am at going forward. I've definitely got some goal setting in mind for next year & I have a better handle on the work I'll need to do to see results. Thanks for checking in! Before the meet, I was mentally grappling with being slow compared to a long time ago and after the meet and seeing the amazing athletes at all ages and speeds - now I am just so pleased to be involved and keep going.

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    Re: 2019 Spring Nationals Information

    Yeah --- the getting slower part took me a while to accept but, I still did good overall.

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