We are excited to announce another masters swim camp opportunity at UC Santa Barbara. Come join us January 4-6, 2019 for a weekend covering freestyle training with members of the UCSB Swimming Coaching Staff and the 2014 USMS Coach of the Year, Cokie Lepinski.

Launch the new year with new goals in your freestyle swimming! Our objective is to help you jump start the process with this camp! We’ll present techniques and methods to boost your freestyle stroke efficiency, energy and speed through multiple in-water sessions that will include drills and sets for both threshold and race pace training. We will work on racing starts with the new wedge blocks and provide tips on how to improve your flip turns. We will also have segments on strength training, power training and yoga along with interactive classroom presentations.

Each swimmer will be videotaped and receive one-on-one analysis of their freestyle.

This camp is open to all swimmers aged 18 and older. Please see our website for more details and the weekend itinerary. Save 10% by registering by December 1 or save 15% by signing up with 3 or more other swimmers. Please contact for more details on these offers!

You’ll have fun all weekend with other like minded swimmers who want to improve their freestyle, fitness and get that competitive edge.

We hope you can join us!