Hi! I have been swimming for many years. Every year I do a 10,000 yard birthday swim in my local pool. My question is: Why after 8,000 yards am I suddenly struggling with water entering my nose and going into my throat? It's not like the burning feeling you get when you have water suddenly go up your nose, it's more of a sneak attack, with it being a consistent drop or two-just enough to make it challenging to get a good breath. I exhale through both my nose and mouth when swimming and only struggle with this issue after a very long distance. I do note that at that point in my swim, my inhalations are shorter and a little more labored. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this and if so, what did you do to train yourself out of it? I am currently training for an ultra swim, 11.7k and this will be a problem for me I fear. Thank you for your input!