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Thread: Different goals for USMS ?

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    Different goals for USMS ?

    I have been away from masters swimming for years,
    and have recently signed up for this forum.

    When I left masters, the goal(s) of the USMS was
    all about competition swimming for masters-age swimmers.

    That seems to have changed first of accommodating
    tri-athlon folks - and that seemed to be slightly about recruiting.

    Then, somehow, it took a turn to a "learn-to-swim" direction.

    Now, the web site seems to be back to
    competition swimming for masters swimmers.

    How did all these changes come about ?

    Or: Have I a mis-perception ?


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    Re: Different goals for USMS ?

    Well... April is their Adult Learn to Swim month so that has been a push for the past few weeks. And Nationals is next weekend so that explains the competition focus now. I think they are trying to focus on all three between competition, fitness (triathlon fits in either of those categories and getting that segment engaged is important as they do make up a good portion of many Masters groups, and education/learn-to-swim.

    I think in the two years I've been involved it has been a pretty even split between those messages, and I say that as someone heavily skewed toward the competition side.

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    Re: Different goals for USMS ?

    As a 33 year member of masters, I think it is good that we change and adapt to waves in our sport from learn to swim - pool - triathlons -open water.

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    Re: Different goals for USMS ?

    I can say that out local team is focused on competition, open water, and triathalons along with fitness swimming. And like JPEnge wrote, the recent Learn to Swim program just happened and as I type this the distance events are getting underway at the first day of nationals. I think a lot of things are seasonal that way at USMS.

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    Re: Different goals for USMS ?

    I'm with Orca... Change is good, no matter where we are in our swimming journey. It keeps us young(er)!

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