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Thread: Kim Swims on Netflix

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    Kim Swims on Netflix

    Whew! Check out this documentary on Netflix. Kim has Oceans 7 under her belt and then tackled a swim that hadnít been conquered by a woman. Itís so inspiring and thereís no doubt sheís tough as hell. Check it out
    Kari Kennedy

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    Re: Kim Swims on Netflix

    Thanks for the tip. Watched it tonight and loved it. She's crazy ... crazy impressive. She swam in that chilly water and made it look like she was on vacay in the tropics. I love me a good 5K OW swim in 72 degree or higher water ... but 26 miles in 64 degrees (at its warmest) with great whites, jellyfish, 10' waves and more! Oh my god that is so far above my swimming pay grade. WOW.

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