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Thread: No kick

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    Re: No kick

    Quote Originally Posted by Skuj View Post
    What will it take for me to actually move forward on kicking-only, and how much does it really matter?

    I was a hardcore runner for 45 years before taking up swimming this year. Did all of that running guarantee my current "kicking" situation?
    Not being able to see you swim, I'm guessing your issue is ankle flexibility and the cause is your 45 years of heavy running. I'm almost certain you are strong enough to be a competent kicker, that's most likely not the issue. If you work on ankle flexibility and being able to comfortably point your toes continuously, your kick should improve pretty rapidly. I can't really think of any negative to working on this, so regardless of how much % it will make your swimming better, it's worth working on.
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    Re: No kick

    Quote Originally Posted by Skuj View Post
    ...I want sub 6min 400m by the end of this year. What % of importance is the "kick"? Does it merely stabilize me? Some comments in this thread regarding some world-class swimmers dragging their feet for most of a 1500m gives me some (false?) hope.

    Thanks for any imput you may provide.
    Out of curiosity, are you faster or slower with a pullbouy versus swimming?

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    Re: No kick

    Yikes....I don't know. I never use "toys". it possible that I am faster if I do NOTHING with my legs/feet? I feel like I am stabilizing myself with whatever it is that I do.

    And thanks, JPEnge.
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    Re: No kick

    To me, the longer the distance, the less the kick matters except in the end of a race. For sprinters, the kick means a ton. It's good to have enough kick to keep your legs up and in alignment with the rest of your body so they don't drag. You might have to press your chest down a bit more in the water to get them to lift up some (think of a teeter totter).

    JP is right though, if you're a runner, you probably have stiff ankles. This video shows a good stretch you can do (with or without a roller) every night for a bit as you're watching TV or something. Over time it can help.
    Kari Kennedy

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    Re: No kick

    Thanks everyone! I'm going to time them today and figure it out.

    As an answer to one reply regarding the other students not giving their all for kicking drills... I do know that the coach has kick drills called "catch Mary (my daughter)", and it gets pretty competitive. They don't come close.

    After reading many comments in this thread about ankle stretching, I believe the fact that she is extremely hypermobile due to a connective tissue disorder might come into play here as well.

    I'll post the times later.

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