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Thread: Swim Toys

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    Swim Toys

    Hi all:

    I am trying to improve my swims (Aren't we all!).

    A. I have pulled the trigger to buy a cheap camera so that I can video record my turns and strokes. I have no experience recording so any advise would be helpful. I've had several coaches/retired coaches and swimmer royalty comment to help me. Changing form is tough for me, I have to slow down and change only one thing each practice or I can make it part of my form. I guess I have to break down form and reach for the low hanging fruit (meaning change the worst part of my form that will give me the best time improvements. If anyone knows of a good site or that will help in form deconstruction i'm all ears.

    B. Does anyone use headphones to listen to music while working out? If so, post brand and if you are happy or any recommendations.

    C. Swim watches. Google came out with a new swim watch. Reviews? Comments. In the past I have tried to use tempo electronics to improve speed ( arm speed leg kick etc). I have also needed some kind of stop watch for 50's, 100's and 200's (the clock is not always visible and I lose track constantly). I am so focused on form and changing arm position and leg kicks that I lose track of distance. Any toy recommendations for this? (Buler, Buler Buler?).

    D. Please list any swim tool that you think will help.

    Kind Regards to any swimmy that can help.

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    Re: Swim Toys

    Found some good tips under solo swimmers. I guess I forgot about that thread!

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    Re: Swim Toys

    Swim toys required:
    1. goggles
    2. swimsuit (though you can find some places where even this is optional)

    Worth buying - swim snorkel

    All else is optional

    Now, YMMV, but I think:
    • Swim watches mess with your form, unless you wear one on each wrist (balance is important in swimming)
    • Swim headphones are crazy ... swimming is the one place in the world we can immerse ourselves largely free of the aural assault ... enjoy the meditative quality of the sound of water

    Swimming as naked as possible is great.

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