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Thread: Question for Marathon swimmers

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    Re: Question for Marathon swimmers

    I just want to reiterate what Doug said above about the SOS group. I met Mike Garr around 2003/2004 at the Newport, RI Navy base pool and he invited me to join him, and two other swimmers, at Middletown, RI's Sachuest Beach for open water swims in the warm months. Back then we met only on Wednesdays at 4:30pm. But, those three guys...Mike Garr, Paul Talewsky, and Brian Gardener were the very beginning of Sachuest Ocean Swimmers. Within a year or two of my joining, Jim Parham began swimming with us. As Doug indicated, it has grown into a group of at least two-hundred interested individuals swimming in various locations around Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay. If you're in the area hit up the group on the Facebook page and you'll surely find someone to swim with somewhere.

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    Re: Question for Marathon swimmers

    Here's another perspective for you. I have a friend who's done several marathon swims including channel swims and what he does during the winter is swim a normal masters practice with a group for an hour (maybe 3,000 yards) and then stays afterward and does a long swim on his own. He starts out doing maybe an additional 500 yards, but tries to build it up so that eventually he's doing a full one hour straight swim.

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