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Thread: New Swim Parent Looking To Understand

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    New Swim Parent Looking To Understand

    Hi, I am a fairly new swim parent and am looking to understand the sport and structure. My daughter is in the 6-8 age group and in a Precomp level (the level just before age group competition). Our area has some meets where Precomp is invited and encouraged to register; however, in 7 months of swimming she has never once raced against kids in her class, done any simulated meets or done anything that remotely resembles competition prep. The classes are focused on technique and endurance with a lot of drills (swimming no arms, one arm, mixed kicks, etc) and lengths of 100 - 400. Is this normal? The meets are 25 & 50 for the strokes in the 6 - 8 age group. How does never racing, never simulating a meet and swimming 4 - 8 times the meet distances prepare kids for a meet?

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    Re: New Swim Parent Looking To Understand

    She's 6-8 years old. Swimming as sport for that age should be about developing strokes and developing an enjoyment of the sport. Meets should be more about learning the protocol and how meets are run and learning to enjoy racing. I would say your daughter's club is doing things the right way.
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