The 5th Annual Club Tribe Masters Classic will be held on the afternoon of Saturday, February 29 at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA. This is a fun, lively meet with a streamlined format (~3.5 hrs.) and an afternoon start to facilitate same-day travel. There are currently 8 slots remaining in the 1,000 Free. Join us!

Link to Info and Registration

Women 18+: 54.43 (Club Tribe, 2016 S. Farhat, C. Hurtubise, G. Mizerak, K. Grier)
Women 25+: 54.50 (Club Tribe, 2017 G. Mizerak, L. Nelson, M. Falcone, M. Choe)

Women 35+: 56.28 (Club Tribe, 2017 S. Farhat, K. Harris, J. Davidson, C. Hurtubise)
Women 45+: 1:11.94 (ETM, 2019) H. Goldberg, S. Burns, C. Bowman, A. Weinheimer)

Men 18+: 44.63 (Club Tribe, 2019 A. Henderson, S. Glass, E. Elsaesser, A. Montes de Oca)
Men 25+: 47.68 (SWIMNERD, 2019 S. Harris, M. Kata, N. Tschohl, C. Scott)
Men 35+: 52.07 (Club Tribe, 2018 D. Earle, E. Lesnewsky, K. Driscoll, W. Duncan)

Mixed 18+: 54.33 (Club Tribe, 2019 D. Earle, L. Schwartz, K. Gass, K. Grier)
Mixed 25+: 51.24 (Club Tribe, 2017 J. Rockwell, C. Hurtubise, K. Gallagher, M. Falcone)

Mixed 35+: 51.71 (Club Tribe, 2017 D. Earle, K. Harris, M. Lovett, K. Grier)

Mixed 45+: 1:04.58 (VMST, 2017 C. Hollings, D. Brown, V. Van Horn Pate, C. Beall)
Mixed 55+: 1:06.81(VMST, 2019 B. Boslego, N. Speer, D. Malsbury, Mitch Saks)