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    Just wanted to thank someone (don't know who) for helping to motivate me to work harder in practice. I have been swimming for 3 months-just getting into shape. Recently at practice, as I was dragging along through a set, a thought appeared in my head that was from one of you swimmers. Someone stated the view that if I've taken time out for practice, am lucky enough to be there, (healthy) if I don't try to do my best - why bother. When I read that statement I thought it sounded kind of extreme. But now that I have put it into practice-I feel more of a sense of accomplishment. I'm pushing myself beyond my initial thoughts of "I can't do that much or that fast" I just do it (or try anyways) I now tell myself push harder. Wow the power of our thoughts!
    Thanks! P.S. Like the little engine that could-I think I can, I think I can...........

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    I was looking over some old Tae-Bo tapes. I like two of the comments that Billy Blanks makes:

    "Go at your own pace." (Don't kill yourself just because someone else is going faster than you.)

    "If you want to see results, you have to reach inside and push yourself."


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