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Thread: Streamline, and breathing problems w/ sidetroke

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    Streamline, and breathing problems w/ sidetroke

    I am currently trying to improve my 500 and 1000m sidestroke times. I currently complete the 500m in about 9:50-10:10 and would like to get down to about 9:20. I notice that I have trouble keeping my feet afloat even when I do flutter kicks in between the scissor kick. I have practiced and practiced and practiced, however at about 300m my feet sink, and I lose time.
    Also, when I breath on the stroke, sometimes I have to push myself high in the water to keep moving, any other way to keep my momentum with more glide, would be better. Hope y'all can help. Thanks.

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    I'm not much good with sidestroke but I know that when I kick on my side I go much faster if I "press the buoy" and try to lean on the ribcage more. This may mean you are looking up more than to the side to breathe.

    For more power on the kick I'd suggest a breastroke tip: concentrate on the edges of the kick, the beginning and end. Make sure you set up wide/high, and really bang the feet together at the end.

    For more consciousness of your stroke flaws, try sidestroke on your bad side!

    Swim fast,

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    I found that anytime my feet are sinking I means that I am holding my head up too high. My check point is "Is the lower eye under water" I try to keep it there. Am I straight or is my middle sagging? You might be tired enough at 300 meters to start to show minor bad form.


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