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Thread: YMCA Nationals--Indy

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    YMCA Nationals--Indy

    Does anyone know when the last time they had Y Nationals in Indianapolis was and how many people were there? I was wondering how big the meet may be this year in April since many masters are going to Ft. L.

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    YMCA Nationals were held in Indianapolis in 1997. I'm not sure if there has been one there since that time. The YMCA website lists the locations back to 2001 and there were none in Indy during that timeframe.

    I have the heat sheet and results from 1997. I don't find a tabulation of number of entrants. However, the time-line estimate showed Thursday's events ending at 5:16 pm, Friday at 2:08 pm, Saturday at 4:06 pm and Sunday at 2:13 pm.

    That year the YMCA Nationals were held May 1-4 in Indianapolis and USMS Nationals were held May 15-18 in Federal Way, Washington. The attendance at Federal Way was 1438 (which was a low turn-out). I suspect that many chose YMCA Nationals instead of USMS given how close the dates of the two events were.

    Hope this helps.
    Mary Pohlmann

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    1997 YMCA Masters Nationals Attendance

    I confered with some other team mates and we believe that there were around 1200+. I would gather that at least 1000+ swimmers will attend the meet in Indy.
    C.J. Rushman
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    National Y Meet

    Over the past several years the attendance at YMCA Masters National Swimming Championships have been down. Last year there were 555 swimmers in Ft Lauderdale and the year before in Sarasota about 420. Stu Marvin and I based our timeline on the attendance in Ft. Lauderdale last year. It is my guess with approximately 550 swimmer each days events will be concluded around 1:30 pm each day with exception of the distance day (1650-1000 Freestyle) which should conclude around 4:00 pm.

    I hope this gives you some insight on the meet size..

    Mel Goldstein, Meet Director
    2005 YMCA Masters National Swimming Championships


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