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Thread: what happened to the coaches workouts?

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    what happened to the coaches workouts?

    It's been 4 weeks - are new coaches being asked to submit workouts?

    Just wondering.

    kenn lowy

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    I was wondering the same thing. does any one use ohter sites to get workouts?

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    Coaches workouts...

    My tenure, which was 1 year, came to an end this past 12/31 and though I wanted to keep doing it, I needed my weekends back to better prepare for my own team up here in Mass. You can still see my ongoing workouts at if you liked them here. It's what our morning group does every MWF. Just click on the "Workouts" section located at the bottom of the registration required just to view the workouts. Alternatively, if you liked any of the coaches' workouts you could just start over at 1/1/04.

    I think that the job request is open for new online coaches and hopefully someone soon will step up to take one of the two open spots.

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    Workouts from the new coaches are coming -- I've been too swamped to get to modifying these forums and provide the help for the new coaches. It will be this week.

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    Another round with Michael Collins?

    I am still using Michael Collins' old workouts as I find them to be simple, yet perfect for me and would love to see him post again. Any chance he would be willing to add his workouts?


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