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    Workout Advice

    I swim for my local high school and this is my second season, the season is comign to a close and i'd like to keep swimming over the sumemr so i can get some better times... i swim 200 IM and 100breast and my times seemed to peak after 3-4 meets and are stuck, i swim for a team that has very little talent so the workouts are not too difficult(usually im the only one who does them anyways) and i try to change them up to aid my two events, but they are mainly all freestyle since most my team cant do offstrokes well... but over the summer ill be swimming by myself and ive been searching for maybe some workouts that can help me get my IM time down and my breast time down.. and maybe any dry land workouts that concetrate on those two events? thanks in advance...

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    Have you thought about joining a local summer swim team? That might be you best option.

    Personally, I've found that the best way to improve times is to do pyramids (usually freestyle, but you make that decision) broken by sprints (25's or 50's) in whatever stroke I'm trying to work on (for me that is free style, but you tailor it to your own needs). You know your own limits and you should try to push those a couple of times a week in the pool to make a difference.

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    Identify the plateau:

    If you workout the same way and eat the same way there is no reason to think that you should get any faster.

    Something has to change. The choices are:
    Stroke technique
    Eating habits and general nutrition
    emotional support (being on a team may help this the most as Estrella said)
    Workout technique

    What happens when you try to swim fast? Actually , this is a loaded question. Most everyone has the same answer, "I'm pulling as hard and as fast as I can and I don't go faster."

    With that: stroke technique is the number one thing you can change with the greatest results. I suggest reading some books on stroke technique, watch a video, then record yourself swimming. There's allot friction against your body in the water. If you're stroking harder to the point of loosing body position - you're fighting your own shape in the water. Learning the balance between impelling yourself forward and staying sleek and long has to be learned. We are not fish. It simply isn't natural.


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