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Thread: Amateur Pace Question...

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    Amateur Pace Question...


    I love swimming as part of my workout routine and am relying on it more and more because I feel great right after.

    I am swimming a 2000-2500yd workout 4-5 times a week and doing cardio machines other days.

    My 50yd pace almost ALWAYS comes out to 1min. Fastest/slowest were :58 and 1:02. My first 50 tends to be around :40 or slightly less. I am really going almost full out the whole time but I have had no training and never competed. I noticed when I look at "Calorie Burned While Swimming" charts that this pace is considered light to moderate. This has pretty much always been my pace and been consistent since August.

    My question...

    I feel like I am exerting Fast/Vigorous effort, not Moderate. Is my pace really THAT slow? Isn't it more about the effort than the pace?

    I am 6'0" 250lbs (should be about 185lbs)

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Re: Amateur Pace Question...

    Quote Originally Posted by Socalqwest View Post
    I feel like I am exerting Fast/Vigorous effort, not Moderate. Is my pace really THAT slow? Isn't it more about the effort than the pace?
    Yes, I'd say it's more about effort than pace. I'd recommend taking your pulse after you finish. Your heart rate should be something like 80% of your max. Here's a link that gives target heart rates based on age:

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    Re: Amateur Pace Question...

    If you are swimming as much as you say, and putting in as much effort as you say, I would suggest having someone look into the technique you are using for your stroke. You may be working real hard with poor technique and slipping a lot of water.

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    Re: Amateur Pace Question...

    It's technique...I'm a very new swimmer too, as soon as I started figuring out it was more about "how" I was swimming rather than how "hard" I was trying the times started coming down and the effort was substantially less....for me streamline and reducing drag were substantial.

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    Re: Amateur Pace Question...

    ^ What he said. Its all about technique and not like running or cycling. Find a coach and team or take periodic lessons; it will keep you from grooving bad habits, struggling and losing faith.
    Some guys they just give up living and start dying little by little, piece by piece. Some guys come home from work and wash up and go racin’ in the street. (Bruce Springsteen, 1978)

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    Re: Amateur Pace Question...

    Socal - good for you! Keep swimming.. Yes - a coach would help in getting more from your efforts in swimming.
    Look into a masters club/team to help improve your stroke.
    One person's effort can not be put into a chart and used for all.

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