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Thread: Swimming pool obstacle course

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    Swimming pool obstacle course

    Has anyone ever seen one of these (or attempted one)? It looks like fun.

    Walnut Creek's swimming pool obstacle course is grand fun

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Swimming pool obstacle course

    No, but that looks like so much fun.... sort of like a water version of Wipeout!
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    Re: Swimming pool obstacle course

    I would do this

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    Re: Swimming pool obstacle course

    There's also this: Red Bull Neptune Steps.
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    Re: Swimming pool obstacle course

    I thought it was going to be a "swimming" obstacle course. That thing above doesn't involve swimming. It's just a huge PFD. I'd like to see a swimming obstacle course that has buoys that you have to zigzag through; maybe rings suspended beneath the surface at various depths that you have to dive down and swim through; maybe a rope anchored to the bottom that you have to pull yourself to the bottom with, etc.

    Something I've been trying to get my pool to do maybe once a week/month...take the lane lines out and use them to make a square lane around the edge of the pool for a different kind of "lap" swimming.


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