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Thread: Can I make varsity swimming with this times?

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    Can I make varsity swimming with this times?

    Next year, I am going to a normal - big size high school (2100), and to be honest I don't know how good swimmiers are in a normal high school, so I was wondering how good my times are compared to a varsity high school swimmer.
    This are my best times:
    100y fly 59.78
    50y fly 26.43
    100y back 1:06.44
    50y back 29.17
    100y free 57.32
    50y free 25.67
    200 IM 2:21.65
    (Also the school is division 1 in swimming)

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    Re: Can I make varsity swimming with this times?

    I don't know about your swimming times, but you might consider working on your spelling...

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    Re: Can I make varsity swimming with this times?

    I should not be doing your homework for you. Alas, the attached hyperlink is what you need to know. Unfortunately, I have found many high school age swimmers, who are not club (USA Swimming) swimmers, at not provided this information by their coach. I have also found public swimming programs whose swimming instructors are also unaware of this type of information.

    Good luck on your swimming.

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    Re: Can I make varsity swimming with this times?

    I think it's a reasonable question because even the Age Group Motivational times don't necessarily tell you what the average high school swimmer is doing but we're not going to be much help. You'll definitely fit in with a team with those times but whether you'll be able to make varsity depends a lot on the individual high school and the leagues swim rules. For example, our high school team was limited to a maximum of 3 hours of practice per day, including weight room training and it didn't matter if the practice was on ones own, with the high school team or with a club. This rule was per the state high school swim association (or whatever they called it). This basically cuts out the top tier athletes from high school swimming. I know several swimmers who had to make a choice between pursuing their talent/dreams and swimming for the high school and I even know a few people who were caught doing over the amount and suspended from the high school team. It depends on if there's any strong clubs nearby, what the high school league rules are and even what general region you live in. In western mass, your times would be just fine for varsity - we've got a few top tier invidual swimmers but no true superstar club. If you are going to a high school in the greater Batimore area,'d have much tougher competition. Sorry, but you're just going to have to ask the coaches what they think of your times.

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    Re: Can I make varsity swimming with this times?

    Congrats on your time accomplishments so far. Even if your times aren't good enough for varsity, find somewhere to continue to build your swimming abilities. I know someone who started their high school career doing open turns for the 100 free and ended up winning the Big 10s his senior year of college.

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    Re: Can I make varsity swimming with this times?

    Hello & welcome to usms

    You didn't say your name, sex, age, grade, height, weight, times from previous seasons or training background.
    So my answer is
    I assume you're going to be a freshman

    Most high school teams have websites so you can compare your times to those on the team.
    The best thing to do now is train your butt off this summer and become as fast as you can
    Hopefully with a coach & a pretty good team
    Preferably six to nine swim practices per week & 3 dry lands / weights

    Teams usually have tryouts
    We don't know the requirements are to make the team
    Find out
    Ask a swimmer,
    ask the coach,
    ask a parent

    You also didn't tell me about the HS swim training program
    Most HS swim programs aren't very good
    Most HS swim coaches don't know much about swimming
    Most fast HS swimmers have trained with year round club programs

    We haven't seen you or your technique or where you are in your growth cycle.
    I suggest you get more info, have a great attitude, a great work ethic & keep improving and train hard.

    I hope you make it,


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