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Thread: Breadbasket Zone meet - St Louis

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    Breadbasket Zone meet - St Louis

    I'd like to pass on to CMSA members this information that we received from Anthony Thompson, LMSC Chair MOVY and Breadbasket Zone member.

    The Breadbasket Zone Meet is April 9th & 10th in St. Peters, MO (St Louis area). Information at SLAM web site:

    Despite the Zone boundaries, swimmers from Illinois have historically contributed to the success of the Breadbasket Zone meet when it is held on the zone's eastern edge.

    We are looking forward to a great meet in St Louis and would welcome the participation of CMSA swimmers. The entry forms just became available.

    Note: This event is sanctioned by SLAM under Ozark LMSC, just being a
    good neighbor to pass along information. We will be encouraging the MOVY
    swimmers to also attend.
    Mary Pohlmann

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    Rec Plex

    If you haven't swam there, the Rec Plex is one of the nices places you'll swim. Great water, well lit, and a nice zero depth pool for kids. I swam there in 2004 at a USA meet while my kids played in the other pool.


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