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Thread: Fitness swimming in Aruba

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    Fitness swimming in Aruba

    Headed to Aruba later this month and was wondering if anyone knew where some good places to lap-swim are. All the pools I see at hotel web sites are beautiful oval and oblong pools, no lane lines, no nothing.

    All help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Wish I could help you out. We stayed at the Americana and it was a typical hotel pool. The Holiday Inn has a great pool but it's not for lap swimming. It has slides and fun stuff in a very pretty tropical setting. Have fun, though! Aruba is great.

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    For interval training with a clock and an actual lap pool, I have no idea. When I was there I just swam open water out in the lagoons. Most of the hotels have areas roped off and they are suitable in size for a great fitness swimming workout. Nice sand bottoms with comfortable (slightly cool) water temps. The only problem I can remember is the blowing sand on the beaches (winds typically run 20+ mph). You should be able to get far enough out that it won't affect your swim but your stuff on the beach will have to be in a bag or something.

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    lap swimming in Aruba

    The Aruba Grand on Palm Peach has a pool suitable for lap swimming. The pool is at least 25M, judged by my stroke count.
    It's easy to crash, as it is just off the side walk on the beach side.
    No lane ropes, but it does have lines. Just go early in the day before it's filled with rec swimmers.


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