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Thread: Donn McPhail - RIP

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    Donn McPhail - RIP

    Donn McPhail of DeAnza Cupertino Aquatics (DACA), a group that made the bid for the 1996 USMS Short Course Nationals then put on one of the largest short course meets in USMS history, passed away this week.

    Donn and the DACA team, made the presentation to the USMS House of Delegate and won the right to organize the meet. Donn worked very hard to make the meet a success.

    He was diagnosed with leukemia this week and was starting treatment for the disease when he died at UC Davis hospital in Sacramento

    The Pacific Masters swimming community sends its condolences to Donn's family and friends.

    michael moore, chairman
    Pacific Masters Swimming
    michael moore

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    I swam at the Nationals in Cupertino that year and it was one very well run meet...and the people were out of the world nice......I enjoyed that Nationals a great deal....
    God bless him and his family and friends....
    Tom Ellison

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    I have always considered that Nationals the best one ever.
    The swimming world will miss Donn, God bless him and his family and friends....
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