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Thread: How about swimming areas in Eastern Maine-Augusta Area?

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    How about swimming areas in Eastern Maine-Augusta Area?

    I will be driving through there in the next few days and i see all this water on the map. Are there any good lakes/rivers for swimming. And as a nod to the Old Orchard Beach lifeguards, by "swim" I mean go out "over my head" and move via stroking (and some kicking) for at least 1/2 mile in each direction...yes really... I don't mind if there are or aren't lifeguards (except when I have to help them "rescue" me from swimming in water over my head after I told them that was where i was going and they agreed...)
    I'm guessing there are not many open water swimmers in this state but if anyone passed thorugh and found a great place to swim...

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    The coldest water I've ever swam in is at the beach at Bar harbar. In August it is in the 60's, if you're lucky. I'm always so surprised to see all of the Canadians swimming in it!

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    Actually there are more than a few open water swimmers in Maine! The ocean is indeed very cold, the bays and rivers a bit (but not much) warmer, but the lakes are quite nice in the summer.

    This one:
    is perhaps near where you are heading, suface temp this time of year should be in the low 70's.

    Someone at Maine Masters might also be able to guide you:

    Good luck and enjoy!

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    ME swimming spots

    It's been a while since we were in that area, but here's what we recall:

    * Echo Lake (near Acadia) was fairly warm/comfy and had enough room to swim in.

    * Sebago Lake (further inland) was large and fairly warm but you needed a boat as there was little legal land access. Once in the water, you'd also need a guide boat to keep clear of motorboat traffic.

    * The ocean up there was a bit cool for our tastes, OK for short session but not much more.

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    Thanks for all the replies!
    Well I was actually looking at stuff east of Bar Harbor. I waded in the ocean near Anns pt a very tiny bit-very cold, then echo lake from the beach 3/4 down and bakc and finally in Long lake where the fog closed in and i had to guess as I was crossing back, where the shore was then slowly work up the shore looking for my landmark trees.

    I checked out the rivers along the Kancamangus highwa but it looked more like sun bathing and splashing than swimming.

    Now I'm back in the pacific again, would seomone please get rid of all these darn jellyfish? I'd rather have cold water than jellies!

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    Well, if you were by the Kanc... highway, then you could have gone about 15 minutes south on Rte 16 from the Kanc and you would have come to Lake Chocoura (sp?) The lake is about 3/4 mile long and maybe 1/4 mile wide with a tiny island in one place. If you'd start from the "public beach" and keep away from the weedy shoreline, you'd easily have room for a 1 mile swim in warm and clear H20 with great scenery around you. Sorry you missed it.


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