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Thread: Could it be done?

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    Lightbulb Could it be done?

    I have a question for our techie-computer savvy members: Could a connection between the public address announcer's audio at a Nationals be streamed with the existing real-time online results we already enjoy? Oh I know, probably is prohibitively expensive of time & money, but I just want to know, could it be done? Some announcers do a wonderful job of describing action in the water, record attempts etc. & would be terrific enhancement to what we stare at now 'live'.

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    If the questions is can it be done, the answer is yes. You can watch Steve Jobs at MacWorld, so it definately can be done. Now can it be done cheaply? I dont know and it would take a lot of thought, besides money to put the whole thing together - Might use Quicktime streaming.

    michael moore


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