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Thread: Open Water Workouts

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    Open Water Workouts

    Does anyone have any open water prep workouts designed for the pool? That's right, for the pool...

    Let me know...
    Dean O.

    Visit for a database of hundreds of downloadable workouts, you can add your own too.

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    Swim lots of laps!

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    flip your turns but don't push off the walls

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    1. every few stokes pop your head up and look ahead as if you are looking for buoy or open water pylon.
    2. every few strokes close your eyes for 2 rotations, this will help in the open water as you won't have a pool bottom to sight.
    3. here's a set of 100's ; 50 fast, 25 pace, 25 easy---that will help with your intial breakout. Work up to 200's of the same breakdown, 100 fast, 75 pace, 25 easy.
    4. does your pool have a shallow end you can stand in?--run in place in the water really lifting your knees, this will replicate your start and finish.
    5. practice bi-lateral breathing, either every three strokes or 2 left, 3strokes, 2right. This will help with balance and keeping an eye on your competition.
    6. do these 300's: 75 pace, 25 fast x 3, 50 pace, 50 pace x 3, 75 fast, 25 pace x 3.
    7. I always told my triathletes to incorporate small sprints (:30) during the race to separate themselves from the pack. The open water technique would be 2:00 pace, :30 sprint.
    8. And when you can get in some open water and swim triangles--practice popping your head up and turning to your left or right.

    Best of luck!


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