I highly recommend someone from each LMSC going to the workshop presented by Jim Wheeler "Building a Relationship with your Aquatic Facility".

Nearly every area in the USA has a pool operators association. Several years ago Julie Heather recommended SPMA join the Southern California Pool Operators Association (SCOPOA).

I was able to attend several times, while Julie has attended the majority of other times. Julie presented a Power Point display that let these pool managers know that we are their friends, that we can be usefull to them.

Jim Wheeler has also presented at SCOPOA, and we all know Jim is a great talker!

SPMA has grown from 50 teams to 66 teams this year. Our membership is at an all time high. I highly recommend this workshop for all LMSCs.

It will be in the Rolls Royce room Thursday September 14th beginning at 7 PM.

Every new team within SPMA gets a packet of USMS pamphlets to leave out for potential new members. This is a great tool, be sure to use it.