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Thread: Keep Support Latycar

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    Keep Support Latycar

    erroneously entered please see FINA MONOPOLIZING MASTERS SWIMMING

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    Thank you USMS

    We want to thank the House of Delegates at the recent Dearborn Convention for having entertained LatyCar's issues with aquatics on our continent.

    Many of you, individually, became very involved in the topic and contributed positively to a betterment of our Masters sports.

    I would also like to thank USMS's ASUA reps, Mel and Jim for taking it upon themselves to take this issue up with USAS and ultimately ASUA and FINA.

    Thank you Sandi R, Mary P, Mark G, Wayne M, Myriam P, Tom B, Phil W, Michael M and the many-many-many who contributed to keep communications open within the Master community in the Americas.

    David E. Morrill
    LatyCar President '05-'07


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