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Thread: FGC Masters Meeting

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    FGC Masters Meeting

    September 9th 2006 (Saturday):

    The Florida Gold Coast LMSC will hold a meeting at Boca's Meadows Park Pool this coming Saturday from 10:30- 11:30 AM
    Directions are posted here:

    Prior to the meeting a practice will be held -open to all south Florida Masters swimmers free of charge. Here is the mornings schedule:

    8:00 10:00 AM - all South Florida Masters swimmers are welcome, without charge, to a workout at Boca's Meadows park Pool. Two types of workouts will be offered, take your pick: Randy Nutt will coach the animal lanes for a strenuous "hammer to the pearl" session and Jennifer Carpenter will offer a special technique based practice helping you fine tune your strokes.

    10:00-10:30 AM - bagel and juice social poolside.

    10:30 11:30 AM -the Florida Gold Coast Masters will hold a meeting open to everyone. The meetings agenda is as follows:

    1.Roll Call

    2. Approval of meeting minutes

    3.Old Business a. Banquet

    4.New Business a.Convention b.Policy on postings on USMS Calendar & our web site c.e-mail list d.Workout groups-charter clubs


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    Re: FGC Masters Meeting

    Hi Randy,
    Sorry I missed your meeting, I really would have liked to come. We are gaining ground up here in Boynton, getting new masters every week. Are there any local meets coming up, I've been unable to find any info from the web site. Also we would like to hold a meet in early 2008, nice indoor pool, no wind or cold breezes!

    Let me know what's happening, either by email or the phone.


    Talk to you soon!


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