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Thread: Alcatraz Death

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    Re: Alcatraz Death

    Thanks for the update. I would have guessed that she had a sudden cardiac event as opposed to a drowning. I wish she was still with us, but there are worse ways to pass than doing something you love to do at the end of your life. I can only hope to be so lucky at the end of my life.

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    Re: Alcatraz Death

    As a runner and swimmer- Realize that with each marathon run out of 50,000 runners one death will occur. We recently had a death in the rock and roll marathon at 9 miles with a relatively young runner. These statistics were posted and a death during the LA rock and roll marathon had occurred the week prior. Recently I did to Alcatraz swim and as an experienced swimmer and triathlete it was tough. Much tougher on my heart than the half marathon I did four months later. The event was set up safely and with alot of support. I literally could navigate the swimming by the number of kayaks set up to support the race on either side of the course. No other swim I have done(key west and charleston 12milers) has had this extreme support. I made the decision years ago to hurt suffer and die as an athlete rather than sit on my couch and wait till death found me.

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    Re: Alcatraz Death

    Hi, I am struggling with the recent death of my Father during the Alcatraz Sharkfest 2018. We were unable to do an autopsy and not knowing the cause of death is really eating away at me. I thought maybe speaking with the family that has endured a similar situation may help. If anyone in this forum has a way of contacting Sally Lowes family and if they would be willing to speak with me that would be appreciated. Thanks, Meghan

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