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Thread: Masters in NWA

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    Masters in NWA

    Is there a masters group currently active in NWA?

    If so, does anyone know whom I might contact?

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    Re: Masters in NWA

    You might check the Arkansas Masters Website:

    Or Places to Swim on USMS website

    (Below is from the Arkansas Website)

    Contact Persons and Places to Swim in Arkansas
    The latest listings for Arkansas on the USMS WEB site
    Carolyn Haefner 315 Genesis Drive
    Phone 501-273-7439 Bentonville, AR 72712
    Aaron Thomas 708 Rockcliff Rd
    479-521-0979 hm Fayetteville, AR 72701
    479-271-2127 wk
    Fort Smith
    Mary Llew Anders 10909 Brand Ct.
    Phone 501-648-3238 Ft. Smith, AR 72903
    Hot Springs
    Flo Dietz 55 Laguna Way
    Hot Springs Village, AR 71909
    Hot Springs Family YMCA 130 Werner
    Phone 501-63-23-8803 Hot Springs, AR 71913

    David Gillanders P.O. Box 2786
    Phone 870-972-3421(w) State University, AR 72467-2786
    Jonesboro YMCA Aquatic Center 1421 W. Nettleton, Jonesboro, AR 72401
    Phone 870-932-8482 State University, AR 72467-2786

    Little Rock
    Chuck Letzig 6515 Kenwood Rd.
    Phone 501-664-0431(h) Little Rock, AR 72207
    Little Rock Racquet Club - #1 Huntington Rd
    Contact: Tasha Stratton Little Rock, AR 72227
    501-225-3601 ext 310
    Masters workout information
    Mon., Wed, and Friday mornings from 5:30-6:30 and Tues. and Thurs. evenings form 6:30-7:30.
    associated with the Laser Swim Team
    We charge $25 per month for Members and $ 35 per month non-members.

    War Memorial Fitness Center 300 S. Monroe
    Phone 501-664-6976 Little Rock, AR 72205

    YWCA 1200 Cleveland
    Little Rock, AR

    YMCA 4701 Sam Peck Rd
    Little Rock, AR

    All three have day passes available for visitors
    You can contact one of the following for more information about Masters Swimming in the Little Rock Area:
    Ron bank 501-224-7571 or Doug Rawn H 501-223-0583

    Jennifer Wiggins Harvey & Bernice Jones Center for Families
    Phone 501-750-9719 P.O. Box 2035
    2645 Cave Creek Lane Springdale, Arkansas 72756-2035
    Springdale, AR 72764
    If some of the above listings are out of date try
    The latest listings for Arkansas on the USMS WEB site

    Your neighbor from the North in Kansas/Missouri,

    Anthony Thompson, Missouri Valley Masters
    KC Blazers and KC Wave Masters Swimmer

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    Re: Masters in NWA

    Walton Life Fitness Center in Bentonville is hosting a one hour swim on Saturday Jan 26th. Start time is about 7am, so if you would like to meet some other USMS swimmers you are welcome to come by and introduce yourself.
    I've been looking for an address of the center but have yet to locate that, so I emailed someone in Bentonville who can help us get there.
    RHenry, Registrar
    Arkansas Masters


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