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  1. Welcome to Pacific Masters
  2. Ray Taft (1920?-2002)
  3. location of championship meets for 2003
  4. Walnut Creek Masters team helps adults stay in the swim
  5. Trials Tickets
  6. Mission Viejo Nationals
  7. CES (Cosumer Electronics Show) Las Vegas
  8. Pacific Masters goes to New England Team Model
  9. Swim Coach Torrance CA wanted.
  10. Barbara L. Thomas 1959-2007 - RIP
  11. 2008 dues increase?
  12. Baja Open Water Swimming Vacation
  13. Where Can I Swim in CA?
  14. Lake Berryessa results?
  15. Menlo Masters Dick Bennett Memorial meet
  16. (Bay Area) Hedonists Swim
  17. Registrar or Chair of Pacific LMSC
  18. Looking for a new team
  19. ESCAPE FROM THE ROCK - September 13?
  20. Teams in Sacramento area
  21. Bakersfield Masters
  22. Outdoor pool in Northern California that's covered?
  23. Relay team aims to deep-six record for continuous swim
  24. Ventura Deep-6 Relay Team fights through fatigue,keeps going
  25. Ventura Deep-6 complete 202-mile journey
  26. Swimming by the hour kept Deep 6 going for 202 miles
  27. Searching for a team for a week
  28. LMSC Question regarding top ten times.
  29. Proposals about criteria concerning Pacific Masters Top Ten
  30. Lifeguard Jobs Opening in Rossmoor (Walnut Creek)
  31. USMS Open Water Service Award!!
  32. Open Water Service Award